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Brand identity is a powerful marketing tool you can use to influence the way people think about your company. It is the expression of your company presented to your target audience. It is important to have a strong brand identity because it delivers an integrated message about who you are as a company to build trust and loyalty with your audience.

 “Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds,” according to the Investopedia article entitled “Brand Identity” by Evan Tarver. But brand identity does not only refer to the visible elements; it also includes an important verbal element: voice. Brand identity is based on everything from your company name and logo to the typography and color palette used on your website to the tone and language of your website copy and blog posts. Taken together, every element needs to support the overall message and vision your company wants to express.

 Your company’s brand identity should be distinct so that it stands out among competitors and catches the attention of your target audience. It should be visually impactful so as to be memorable and easily associated with your company. And it needs to be flexible enough that it can evolve as your company grows and your brand develops. Further, your company’s brand identity should translate across all mediums, to encourage people to engage and make a connection with your company. You want to have a certain character and quality expressed via visual and verbal elements specific to your brand that can be presented through all marketing channels (e.g. your business website, social media profiles, etc.). It should all come together into a cohesive identity that resonates deeply with your customers or clients.

 Your brand identity is important because it makes you instantly recognizable to your customers or clients, and calls them to associate the product or service they need with your specific company. Your brand identity creates a connection between you and the consumers you serve and helps you build a relationship with them so they become the loyal customers or clients your company deserves.

How you tell your story to customers and clients is extremely important to the sustainability of your business. A strong brand identity is one of the most important facets of your marketing strategy because it influences the way people view your company. Make sure your company has the kind of brand identity that reflects your company values and goals in a positively impactful way.

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