Organic internet marketing is a digital marketing strategy that requires no monetary investment to attract customers or clients to a business. This strategy encourages a customer/client base to develop naturally over time, rather than via paid advertising links or sponsored posts online, relying on value-based, natural tactics to generate consumer awareness of your business website. Organic internet marketing encompasses digital marketing campaigns that do not use paid marketing tools to achieve results.

The goal of organic internet marketing is to draw consumers to your business website by providing access to the information, product, or service they need without paid direct advertising. Basically, anything that doesn’t cost your company money directly (e.g., blog posts, unpaid customer/client Tweets, Facebook updates, etc.) can be used as an organic internet marketing tactic.

“Organic marketing describes unpaid tactics that increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, and result in lead generation—all without spending money on paid marketing strategies. Organic marketing involves growing your audience through nonpaid efforts like social media posts, a blog that improves your rank on search engine results, or email marketing campaigns. Businesses use organic marketing as a cost-effective way to build a loyal audience.”

~ from Organic Marketing: 5 Organic Marketing Tactics, MasterClass (March 25, 2022)

Organic internet marketing helps companies like yours to build trust, credibility, and long-term relationships with target audience members. It helps build brand awareness; improves overall brand reputation; increases website traffic; boosts audience engagement; helps establish and solidify relationships with consumers to encourage customer/client loyalty. And on top of all of that, organic internet marketing also assists your professional digital marketing team to create and implement effective paid advertising campaigns.

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Organic internet marketing is the digital marketing strategy to use if you want to build brand awareness, recognition, authority, and long-lasting consumer relationships over time and without extra financial investments. These things were only achieved through organic internet marketing before the use of paid marketing tools to boost business in the digital space; today, this strategy continues to serve companies well when it comes to building and sustaining business online, especially when used in combination with other marketing methods including paid promotional strategies.

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