Benefits of Google My Business. With many people continuing to rely on Google in order to find answers that they need, regardless of what they may be, the search engine is a major part of how individuals discover both products and services in their area of residence. In fact, a service called Google My Business is one tool that is both free and easy to use for both organizations and businesses alike in order to help manage their online presence. When it comes to business owners, there are all sorts of benefits that are available when using a Google My Business profile to enhance online visibility.

Here are three benefits of using Google My Business for small businesses.


First and foremost, Google My Business provides the ability for businesses of all sizes to make posts via Google Posts. This is a method in which companies are able to promote events, news, announcements, product updates, and offers. All of these will then appear on Google Search and Maps in order to provide the businesses with additional methods to help them keep in touch with potential customers. It is recommended by Google that prior to posting, however, you take the time to consider what it is that you want to encourage your customers to do. Furthermore, when it comes to sharing information via Google Posts, it’s recommended that you use high-resolution photos that help to reinforce your overall message and that you also use a total of five words to describe your promotion. You should also ensure that your post contains a call to action as well.


Google My Business also allows businesses to directly chat with customers who are able to locate their profile on the search results page. With this specific feature, businesses can quickly respond to questions, as well as provide assistance to both current and future customers. In order to begin receiving messages, you will first need to turn this feature on in your Google My Business dashboard. It’s important to note that Google will never share your phone number with anyone, and you will also have the option of both receiving and responding to messages through either SMS or Allo, which is Google’s own messaging app. Whenever this feature is activated, those who visit your profile on Google My Business will see a message icon that they will be able to click on in order to communicate with you.


Google My Business is also an option that is cost-effective, meaning that since it’s a free business listing on what’s considered to be one of the internet’s largest search engines, you will be able to place your business in front of many possible customers. Your listing will also provide potential customers with an easy amount of access to information, such as your website, directions to your business, hours of operation, and phone number. Even better is the fact that it won’t cost you anything at all. Your profile will also provide your customers with a look at your business by offering insight into your most busiest hours, as well as ratings.

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