Benefits of QR Codes: QR codes are extremely valuable to many businesses. Your business can utilize them as part of your digital marketing plan, to help connect offline and online business traffic flow. QR codes engage your audience and promote interaction through mobile devices. There are several ways to make QR codes work for you.


A QR Code is an encoded 2D barcode image that can store a variety of data about a business. (QR is an acronym for “quick response.”) They are used like a regular barcode except they can store and digitally present a greater amount of data, from website links to location coordinates to text. And instead of requiring a hand-held scanner (like those used by grocery store cashiers, for instance) to read QR codes, most mobile cell phones and other digital devices have built-in code readers that allow access at one’s fingertips. 


There are several advantages of using QR codes for marketing. They can help drive traffic from typical, traditional marketing efforts (such as print media and direct mail campaigns) towards online efforts. QR codes are convenient and allow consumers to quickly and directly access additional information about your business and the product or service you provide, which creates the potential for immediate conversions to customers or clients. When scanned, QR codes automatically allow consumers to access your content—they provide more efficient access than more traditional means. Moreover, QR codes can be used to track the success of your marketing campaigns, simply by tracking code usage.


You can use QR codes to direct consumers to the landing page of your website. The use of QR codes trumps the more conventional process of accessing your website which is less immediate or straightforward. Driving traffic to your website in this way boosts brand awareness.  This use is the most rudimentary way of employing QR codes in your digital marketing plan.

QR codes can do even more for your business than the basic boost of brand awareness. You can employ QR codes to perform certain actions for the consumer. You can use them to point consumers directly to your social media pages, encouraging interaction and communication between consumers and your business representatives. You can set up the code to dial your business phone number automatically when scanned or open a live chat. You can also use QR codes to open mapping capabilities with directions to your physical office location. You can also have a text message or email sent to consumers who scan the code. This is a key component of SMS and email marketing that can be used to encourage sales, provide consumer support, provide direction to get certain product upgrades and promote opt-in SMS registration.

QR codes are valuable to you as a business owner when used to provide access to content that offers unique value to the consumer. They must provide higher quality content that rewards consumers in some way, such as by offering product discounts, access to exclusive content, or useful tips or ways to engage your business effectively as well as efficiently.

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