Business marketing ideas – Small businesses are the heart of many American communities. Small business owners work to keep their organizations pumping life into our communities, but sometimes they need help. There are many resources available to small business owners to help them stay the course in times of economic downturn.

One piece of advice is to invest in small business apps that save money. There are several cost-savers available that can help small business owners to do more with less. While some of these apps are for purchase, there are also many that are free. And there is a wide variety of small business apps out there, with options for accounting, business management, inventory, networking, and so much more. Some of the best examples are familiar and have been available for a while, like QuickBooks, Skype, and Square. Newer or less well-known apps include Proven, Evernote, and Expensify.

Other resources small business owners can use are available via partners of the US Small Business Administration (SBA). One of the partners is SCORE business mentors; it is comprised of volunteers who offer their time, experience, and expertise to help others by offering one-on-one mentorship opportunities, along with workshops, webinars, and other educational materials. Local small business development centers are operated in partnership with the SBA, just like SCORE, and are another excellent resource for small business owners. These centers provide access to training and business counseling and are community-focused at the local level.

Small business owners can also look to local Chambers of Commerce for support. Chambers of Commerce are great resources of information. They are a type of business networking organization concerned with supporting local commerce. Volunteers from various businesses and local industries participate as Chamber members.

An important resource to keep in mind as technology continues to advance is video conferencing systems for small businesses. Many have free basic versions, but for more robust video conferencing systems there is a cost. That said, most are affordable, even in tough financial times; but the real payoff is being able to do more because of remote access for meetings. Video conferencing tools help keep businesses productive. As with apps, there is also a diversity of choice in this area.

Another timesaving, cost-saving resource for small businesses is an online payroll service. Top payroll companies have developed their offerings into online services in recent years, which is great for small businesses because they are so efficient to put into use. Online services manage every aspect of payroll, including management of different types of employees, from part-time W-2 workers to freelancers, and processing of federal tax information. Full-featured options even consistently offer mobile apps.

If you are a small business owner looking to do more with your business, just remember that your growth is correlated to the number of resources you employ.

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff