E-commerce has become an indispensable part of the global market, especially in recent years. There has been a substantial transformation in the market since the advent of the internet, and consumers around the world regularly engage in online transactions. As internet access has increased worldwide, the number of digital consumers continues to rise. What does it mean to your business? Read on to learn more.

According to October 2021 e-commerce data from Statista, over two billion people purchased goods or services online. Statistics like this show that it’s vital in this day and age for companies to have business websites that cater to consumers who are more digitally savvy and insightful than ever before in history. Consider: a 2017 KPMG report shows that 55% of people head online to search for product and service reviews and recommendations, and 47% of people follow up with a visit to a company’s website before making an investment or purchase; people rely on business websites to find out more about brands and what they have to offer.

Further, as technology continues to improve and change (and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic), websites and online channels have filled a gap for consumers: of the 43% of customers who have historically contacted brands for support mainly in person, 1 in 3 have switched to digital means, likely due to ease and convenience–it is a more efficient way to address their needs. Note that KPMG’s 2020 report on how businesses should consider responding to consumer trends shows that website use for consumer support has increased by 6%, and digitally-enabled contact channels (e.g., apps, social media, etc.) have increased in use by 10% overall.

Why is all of this important for business owners to consider? E-commerce is becoming a more and more important part of global commerce, becoming a more integral part of the consumer experience worldwide. With the rise of e-commerce, the number of digital buyers increases–in 2021, that number stood at 2.14 billion, or 27.6% of the 7.74 billion people in the world. The number of online shoppers has been growing over the past few years. In 2021, there was a 4.4% increase: there were 900 million more digital buyers than in the previous year. If more than one out of every four people is an online consumer, it behooves business owners who want to be successful to provide a website and online experience that draws those individuals to their company.

Another key consideration is that mobile shopping has become the most popular online shopping mode of the age. The December 2021 PwC Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey found that mobile shopping is at a historic high globally, with 41% of survey respondents saying they shop daily or weekly via mobile or smartphone, compared with 39% six months ago and 12% five years ago. Mobile shopping has been gaining ground on in-store shopping over the years, a trend that is predicted to continue as time goes on.

These statistics are based on the global market, but statistics specifically related to the US show similar findings. The number of online shoppers in the US has also been increasing in recent years. American small business owners without business websites or with underperforming websites in need of upgrades should immediately consider having a professional digital marketing company build websites for them, ensuring they are optimized for mobile devices, to meet the growing consumer demand for online access to their business offerings.

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