December in Texas is a time filled with things to do. The Lone Star State offers a range of experiences to enjoy during the holiday season and beyond. If you spend Christmas in Texas, you likely take part in a wide range of popular holiday activities, from The Zilker Park Trail of Lights in Austin to the varied Christmas markets in Texas. But after Christmas, Texas things to do continue til the end of winter!

As the Christmas season winds down and the New Year approaches, the cold of winter endures. But while blizzards rage in other parts of the country, temperatures are warmer in Texas. So, while there is bound to be a chill in the air still, winter weather in Texas is great for backpacking or camping in one of the many Texas State Parks or National Parks before the heat of the summer arrives (and vacation crowds along with it). If you don’t want to head to a state park, consider taking a walking tour of one of Texas’ cities, like Austin or San Antonio. For instance, the state capital of Austin has urban hiking trails and wilderness preserves to traverse; while San Antonio invites you to walk along the famed River Walk or explore Natural Bridge Caverns.

For more things to do in Texas, check out the Office of the Governor’s Economic Development and Tourism website!


You might also think about taking a trip to the Texas Gulf Coast during your winter break. Port Aransas and South Padre Island are two popular coastal destinations. Port Aransas is a good place for dolphin spotting in the Gulf of Mexico, winter fishing excursions, and more. Nearby South Padre Island is your go-to if you want to check out the Sea Turtle Art Trail, spend some beach time at the Padre Island National Seashore, take a cold plunge during the Polar Bear Dip, etc. You will find tons of activities and events on the island and other towns and cities along the Gulf Coast, whether you visit for a weekend getaway or longer.

There are so many things to do in Texas in December and throughout the remainder of winter. The season is a particularly nice time to be in Texas because the state has plenty to offer residents and visitors alike. Whether you live in the Lone Star State or you are escaping colder climes, Texas welcomes you to explore the area this winter, or any time!

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