Content marketing is a vital element of every successful online marketing plan. It is a combination of planning, creating, and publishing business-related content via a variety of different channels, including website blogs. Strategic content marketing can positively impact your bottom line, which is why blogging is so important to your business: your blog can boost conversions.


Using a blog as one part of your content marketing would be to your advantage. Blogs reach your target consumer audience through high-quality, written content that engages and informs them, eventually leading to conversions from curious visitors to your business website into paying customers or clients.

Blogging provides a focused way to establish trust, build customer relationships, and increase brand engagement. Blogs can help you to establish your brand as an authoritative resource in the market while providing valuable information and/or guidance that boosts your credibility.


There are many different types of blog posts that your professional digital marketing team can create to help you reach your content marketing goals. Blog posts can be written in a variety of formats including lists, tutorials, industry news stories, and more. The pros will structure your posts to grow your audience and make sure your content is easy for consumers to read on your website by creating blog posts that attract organic traffic, engage people to keep them reading and encourage them to explore your site further, and ultimately convert those site visitors into leads and loyal customers or clients.


Because so many people read blogs–77% of internet users, actually–having a blog on your business website is extremely important. Blog posts that capture an audience and keep it engaged will increase brand awareness, and steer top-quality leads to your business in quantity. In fact, according to data from the last few years, 60% of marketers report that content marketing generates demand/leads. Blogging drives real results: adding a blog to your existing business website can increase traffic by up to 434% according to some data, and with more traffic comes more conversions.


So, if you’re not blogging for your business yet, the time to start is now. Your blog will help with search engine optimization (SEO)–optimizing a website for web search to improve ranking in search results to increase traffic. Further, it will help you establish brand authority, helping you to earn trust among consumers. And your blog will increase your digital visibility so the overall presence of your brand in the online space can keep you at the forefront of consumer thinking when it comes to the product or service you have to offer.

Your content marketing team can create blog posts that will work to boost conversions for your business. The pros can take care of the technical side of things, as well as schedule blog posts consistently and promote your blog through other channels (e.g., social media). Do you need some professional guidance and assistance making your business blog into the best version of itself? Eye See You Now is the professional digital marketing company to call! Based in Austin, Texas, and specializing in SEO, the Eye See You Now team creates and implements digital marketing campaigns that successfully grow and sustain businesses, with a focus on enhancing their digital footprints and highlighting their online presence. The experienced digital marketing experts and SEO visionaries at Eye See You Now are available to help with all your online marketing needs, including blogging. Please contact Eye See You Now online at any time or by calling 512-370-4078.