Digital marketing is the part of marketing that engages the internet and uses online digital media platforms to promote businesses and their products and services. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of digital marketing techniques that help businesses to have their websites rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). Local SEO is a specific element of SEO; it is the process of optimizing the online presence of a business to attract more traffic from local searches when people are looking for things near to them. This specific branch of SEO targets the portion of users that is seeking the most immediate accessibility to their search engine query. Focusing on reaching those potential clients or customers who need more directly obtainable information, products, or services is key; local SEO helps businesses to stay relevant organically, from local origin outward into the world wide web of search engine results.

Local SEO helps businesses to promote their products and services to prospective clients or customers who are searching with location and proximity in mind. Search engines rely on items such as local-specific content, social media profiles, and citations to provide the most relevant local SERPs to the user. Google did some research in May 2014 and published some findings in “Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior” about US consumer purchase behaviors that show local searches happen everywhere and on every kind of device, from desktop computers to smartphones and everything in between, presenting unique opportunities for businesses to reach consumers in some precise, targeted ways. Some of the most significant methods include:

  • Ensuring mobile-friendly website access,
  • Adding location pages to websites,
  • Keeping business names, addresses, and phone numbers accurate and consistent across all online platforms,
  • Creating local content,
  • Engaging via social media profiles,
  • Improving internal linking structures,
  • Securing inbound links that highlight the relevance and authority of businesses, 
  • and more!

Local SEO connects businesses to communities in the real world by increasing search visibility for people  in search of local businesses to satisfy their consumer needs. Achieving the right mix of local-centric content and expert knowledge and information is crucial, and local SEO is the means to this end. Optimizing for local searches allows people to find information about a business easily and efficiently, which is important for converting consumers from prospective patrons to established and loyal clients or customers. Part three of this series will discuss using social media to engage and retain those clients or customers.

Local SEO helps businesses attract local consumers efficiently and effectively. If you need assistance with the development of an impactful digital marketing plan for your business that utilizes local SEO to reach your target consumer audience, get in touch with Eye See You Now (ESYN), an Austin, Texas-based professional digital marketing company. ESYN is focused on enhancing the digital presence of your business and committed to helping you with all your digital marketing needs. Please contact the marketing experts at ESYN online or by 512-370-4078 for a free consultation.