Round-Rock based company Dell Technologies is the largest private employer in Central Texas. A representative announced last week that there was a breach in cybersecurity at their website. The company did state that “it is possible some of this information was removed from Dell’s network, [but] our investigations found no evidence that any was extracted.” 

This means that the breach was most likely limited to names, passwords, and email addresses, but that more delicate information like credit card data was not targeted. Still, it is best to err on the side of caution because Dell also stated that it is “not clear that no user data was stolen.” 

The cyber age is quite delicate in regards to privacy, so make sure you are doing things like changing your passwords regularly and not using the same password across multiple sites. According to Dell, only “hashed” passwords were targeted in this case, which are scrambled passwords stored in a way to not be able to access a list of all user passwords in plain text.

All of this occurred in the midst of the lead-up to the vote by Dell shareholders whether the company is going to go public or not. In light of this, the day after they announced the cybersecurity breach, Dell Technologies issued a revenue report detailing their lowered debt and increased revenue leading up to the shareholder vote that will take place December 11th.

Going public is generally a strategy to raise capital and expand further, thus increasing prestige and making further acquisitions easier, but has some heavy requirements. In order to qualify to be a publicly traded and owned entity, the company must be a top competitor in their field, have a predictable revenue from one quarter to the next, and be able to handle the initial steep costs of going public.

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