A professional digital marketing and website design company can optimize your website for your business by using clean website design. Clean website design requires refinement rooted in simplicity. Many elements comprise such design, some of which were touched on in part one of this discussion. In this second part, the discussion turns to website navigation, image optimization, and calls to action.

An experienced website designer will aim to include clean navigation tools throughout a website. Clean navigation is important to the user experience because it is easy to use. Navigation is key when it comes to engaging website traffic because it allows users to easily find their way to the information they need on your website. The ease of interaction between the user and each page and form on the website encourages the user to stay longer at your website; and the longer a user remains engaged with your business online, the more likely he or she is to convert from a consumer seeking information about your product or service to a paying customer or client. A professional website designer will create clean navigation on your business website by including a straightforward, consistent navigation menu that allows easy access. He or she will make sure there are distinct categories and sub-categories, easily clickable/tappable links, and an in-site search button.

A website designer focused on clean design will also attend to image optimization. Simple, organized websites are the cleanest, so it is important to use relevant images. A skilled website designer will build your business website with high-quality images included to aesthetically complement the layout. He or she will make sure that even if your website is image-heavy, that the images used are sized appropriately, so there is no negative effect on loading time. Images on your website might be photos, animations, parallax scrolling, etc., all carefully and precisely positioned to convey a polished, refined feeling.

A reputable website designer will also include easy-to-find call-to-action buttons on your business website. He or she will design the buttons along the same lines as the rest of your website as far as the use of space, color, and layout, and the typography will be similar, but bolder so that it is visually engaging and captures the attention of users; the goal is to make desired user actions clear and easy to complete. Calls to action—such as getting users to fill out a form or place an order—are a key part of successful websites.

Clean website design is crucial for focusing your audience and getting the results you want. It is an important part of successful digital marketing plans. Eye See You Now is an Austin, Texas-based digital marketing company offering services that include website design and development. Eye See You Now (ESYN) is available to work with your business any time, to help build and refine your website as part of a solid digital marketing plan. The professional ESYN team is ready to assist you with all your digital marketing needs. Please contact ESYN online or by phone at 512-769-1387 for a free consultation.