Many local businesses often express a great deal of concern in regards to whether they should use Facebook to classify themselves as a business page or a place. A lot of people may not even realize that there’s an actual difference between the two.

Facebook Places

This feature had a good deal of factors included that made everything similar to Yelp, with the general idea being to create a page for a business that included plenty of images, reviews, and contact information for the business itself. The Facebook Places option would exist for a business until the owner made the decision to ultimately create their own business page on the social media platform. Places pages in their natural state are often too difficult to find nowadays, as they aren’t actually something that you can create as a business itself. They’re more indirectly created so that individuals can check in to the business and even leave a review about it. This is something that can only be done whenever an actual Facebook page for the business doesn’t exist or if an individual simply is unable to locate the correct page for the business. Facebook also has played a part in how difficult these types of pages are to find, as the website has made it harder to create one for reasons such as the following:

*A business can claim a Facebook Places page that actually belongs to their business.

*These types of pages lack a great deal of utilities and features.

It’s also important to note that in the event a business decides to claim a Facebook Places page, then the two pages will merge and the owner will be able to input the correct information regarding it, such as making sure the correct business hours and address information is listed.

Reviews will also be merged between the two pages if the business owner decides to claim a Facebook Places page; however, they will eventually become less visible on a majority of page layouts due to the fact that the business page itself is much more focused on posts made by the actual business instead of customer reviews.

Facebook Business Pages

If you happen to own and operate a local business, yet no customers have checked in to it, you can then simply create a business page for your location. One of the advantages of Facebook Business Pages is that any business can create them, including online-only businesses. The only difference is that these types of businesses cannot create local business pages.

Here are some of the other great benefits that a Facebook Business Page has over a Facebook Places one:

*You will be able to make posts as the business itself.

*Lower priority will be given to customer reviews.

*Negative reviews left by customers can be directly addressed.

*You have the ability to update your business information whenever needed.

*If you have to close due to an emergency, you can let your customers know right away.

*You can directly post information regarding upcoming sales.

*The analytics system can be accessed from Facebook Insights.

*The Facebook Ads system can be accessed in order to seek out potential future customers.

*You can assign page roles to have other individuals help you manage your page.

*Fully customizing your page will show others that you are a legitimate business.

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