Data analytics encompasses many different types of information analysis. For professional digital marketers, data analytics are an extremely useful tool for providing insights to business clients. The information gathered and analyzed can be used to optimize various business processes to increase the overall efficiency and sustainability of a company.

Data analytics is focused on extracting insights from data, to allow for an intuitive understanding of relationships between that data and the needs of a company. Data analytics helps your digital marketing team shape processes and improve decision-making options for your company. The data analytics methods used can help demystify the reasons for business growth or plateau; the techniques reveal trends that would otherwise be buried in the data.

Data analytics as a whole is comprised of four different areas: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Descriptive analytics is used to describe outcomes by tracking key performance indicators using specialized metrics. Diagnostic analytics supplement descriptive analytics by identifying causes of the various outcomes. Predictive analytics techniques are used to identify trends and determine the likelihood that they will continue into the future. Prescriptive analytics are used to help businesses with data-driven decisions. Using these four types of analytics as part of a complete digital marketing plan is important for getting a well-rounded understanding of the successful aspects of a  businesses marketing strategy, as well as any gaps that need to be addressed.

Data analytics allows digital marketing professionals to capture quantifiable raw data that can be investigated and assessed to determine best practices for business, so they can use them to help you make strategic business decisions for your company. It is useful to digital marketers because they have the tools to make sense of the data; they can use a variety of metrics to analyze the data and make sure your marketing strategy is working to the advantage of your company. They specialize in using their data analytics findings to grow and sustain your business through optimization.

Data analytics is vital to the success of your company because it will help your professional digital marketing team to optimize the performance processes related to your business. That is, it allows them to implement best practices to help reduce costs, increase online traffic, improve conversion rates, etc. by identifying more ways to do business efficiently and effectively. Capturing large amounts of data allows your digital marketing team to analyze your customer/client trends, overall satisfaction levels when it comes to website user experience, engagement rates, and more so you will be able to make business decisions that benefit your company in the best way possible.

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