Digital marketing trends 2021- Consumer behavior has changed since March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began. To survive the pandemic, business owners had to pivot away from more traditional marketing strategies to digital marketing strategies to sustain their companies in the early days of the pandemic; they had to investigate new marketing options and implement them quickly. Digital marketing professionals have helped business owners weather the unprecedented public health crisis of COVID-19, applying the forward-directed marketing methods to survive and even thrive.

Business owners realized early on during the pandemic that there would be changes in consumer behavior, personal needs, general interests, and actions taken to address those things. The main things they noted over the last year include an increase in accessing content and for more time, especially content regarding critical information, and the use of multiple devices to accomplish this. Moreover, consumers have modified their activities significantly, adjusting routines formerly followed outside the home so they can be done remotely. Further, they have sought to alleviate feelings of isolation by establishing themselves more deeply in online communities over the last year, increasing virtual relationships with others, while simultaneously accommodating new self-care needs. Awareness of consumer behavior shifts is essential for devising a digital marketing strategy that meets current and future needs. Tracking these changes has been key to the survival of many businesses. 

How has digital marketing helped businesses get through the COVID-19 pandemic thus far? It has provided new online marketing channels that are insusceptible to the “pandemic rules” of social distancing that shut down many offices and storefronts. Digital marketing has also allowed for the collection of digital consumer data that helps to inform planning for more efficient and effective digital marketing campaigns. Every business has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The impacts have depended on what products or services a business provides and the target consumer audience, and other industry-specific factors. Many businesses have survived because they were able to address these changes via digital marketing strategies: when business owners calculated a major decline in revenue, they increased their digital marketing activities to mitigate losses. 

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff