YouTube is a video-sharing website used to create and upload videos and to make them available for viewing by the general public. YouTube was originally created in 2005 and has grown into the top online video-sharing platform, exploding in popularity and skyrocketing to success over the years.

Because YouTube has 2.1 billion users worldwide, professional marketers know that YouTube is one of the best platforms to use as a component of any successful digital marketing plan. It can help grow your business significantly by allowing you to connect with a wide audience. YouTube is great for extending the reach and engagement of your video advertising efforts.

Marketing on YouTube requires that your digital marketing team creates videos based on ideas that are tailored specifically to your brand. To do that, your team will focus on your target audience; research your competitors, investigate popular topics related to your business; and revamp any old content and optimize it for search engine inquiries. Focusing on these areas will help lead to video marketing success.

Knowing your target audience is key when it comes to using YouTube to promote your company online. Whether you have an existing business YouTube channel or need to create a new one, your professional digital marketing team will hone in on your primary audience, to engage them right away; they will help you frame your video marketing ideas based on their interests and needs. This approach functions as an immediate jump-start for engagement on your YouTube channel.

Researching business competitors in your field is another important step your marketing team will take. They will research how your competitors use YouTube to boost their business, noting the kinds of videos they produce and which ones work the best for them. They will also research market gaps–knowing what kinds of videos work, but have not been used to their greatest capacity can help guide the video content your team creates for your company. Filling a market gap can really help your brand stand out amongst your competitors.

Investigating popular topics in your business industry is also essential for your YouTube marketing to be effective. Your specialist team of digital marketers can help you here, too: they will conduct research on the most (and least) popular topics in your segment of the market. This is fundamental to your digital marketing strategy at every level because knowing what topics are of interest to consumers helps drive the YouTube content you choose to have your team post; they will be able to create high-quality content around trending topics that will effectively draw consumers directly to your brand.

Revamping existing content that your company already has is another thing your marketing team will do to help you build your YouTube presence. Editing content to add updated information and new graphics keeps your company relevant. Relatedly, your pro team will take time to optimize your videos for search, using natural language and keywords in video titles, descriptions, and tags, to appeal to your audience and maximize long-term engagement.

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