The homepage of your website is just like a first impression. Every subtle detail speaks wonders about what is in store for the individual who stumbled upon your website. Maybe you chose a background video of a cat on its hind legs. That might say that your company or personal brand is silly, and that you appreciate a good cat video (don’t we all). Maybe you chose a slate colored background, thus want to tell the consumer that you’re sleek, and all about the business. Whatever message you’ve chosen for your website, there’s 10 million ways to portray it. Here are 4 elements where your creativity can shine.

1. Call to Action

In this online first impression you have, you want to ensure that you tell the consumer what you have to offer in the first few seconds. If you word it correctly it could increase the amount of clicks, and your website visit to conversion ratio.

2. Headline

The headline you choose for your homepage may be the difference between someone exploring your website further or clicking out. An increase in mobile shopping is a great reason to keep your headline simple. A simple, encompassing, headline is the perfect place to get creative on your homepage.

3. Menu

The menu is a subtle place to get creative. You can have the menu open up in a unique way, or even have use your brand color for any items being hovered over.

4. Logo

Your logo is extremely telling of your company’s industry, focus, and seriousness. We recommend a logo that is not too complicated, and memorable. In addition to placing it at the forefront of your homepage, it is also beneficial to make it the website thumbnail.

5. Keywords

Finding creative places to add keywords to your website is a great way to increase website traffic. Think menu items, your meta description, and your website headline.

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