According to new reports, social media giant Facebook is expected to announce that their quarterly profit is $1.46 per share, which is a decrease of 8.2% from last year’s quarterly profit of $1.59 per share.

Back in July this year, Facebook was reported to have suffered their largest-ever single-day loss in terms of market value for any company listed in the United States follow their issue of a warning regarding growth slowing down for the remainder of the year.

Shares for Facebook also have yet to recover as well, and the total percentage of stock has gone down approximately 35% since July 25 just a few months ago.

While analysts are also currently predicting that Facebook will likely report revenue totaling $13.77 billion, which is an increase of one-third from last year, ex-employees with the social media giant claim that the decreasing price of shares with the company could result in an outsize effect when it comes to internal morale. They further claim that this could go along with a lot of the external criticism of the products offered by Facebook.

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