With more and more bars and restaurants allowing four-legged friends on the outdoor patio spaces, it’s no surprise someone came up with the idea to give the dogs just as good a time as their owners. Houston locals Megan and Steve Long have created a “beer” for dogs – Good Boy Dog Beer already boasts chicken, pork, and vegetable variations.

Don’t worry – it’s not alcoholic, and it is actually for dogs.

The beer is also sodium-free and contains many other ingredients and spices that are healthy for dear Spots like turmeric, ginger, carrots, fennel, and lean proteins, among other things.

The Longs originally had the idea for this vital dog beer when their elderly Rottweiler, Rocky, started having issues digesting his food. On the recommendation of the vet, they started making all of their dogs’ food at home. As they boiled chicken bones and researched spices that are good for puppy fur and health, an idea formed.

Their success is largely due for Millenials’ love for both their pets and social life. Young Americans spend more on their furry family members than ever before, and entrepreneurs like the Longs are eager to fill in the demand.

The Houston couple owns the  Henderson Heights bar in the Sixth Ward and Reserve 101 downtown.

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