A rise in social media usage has brought new opportunities to develop a strong brand, and advance your company sales. Many sites allow you to specify your target audience, and ensure that your ad reaches the right people, especially when your target audience matches the platform’s user demographics. If used correctly, social media advertising like Facebook and Instagram can bring steady results in quickly and you’re able to see your results in real time, based on likes and comments. The focus of this article is Instagram advertising, what to focus on and how to optimize it.

1. Competition

Checking out what unique selling points your competitors are leveraging in their ads, and use that knowledge to set yourself apart. When running a competition check you should do a thorough search of each individual competitor. You should not just look at their feed, but also look at the quality of their products, and their company website.

2. Campaign Goals

In order to get the highest return on investment, you have to have a series of set goals in mind when running an Instagram ad campaign. The way you approach a brand awareness campaign vs. the way you approach a campaign to increase website traffic are completely different, and an unfocused campaign can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

3. Target Audience

This aspect is semi included in the campaign goals portion. The group you will be targeting with your ad can affect the aforementioned campaign aspects. If you’re targeting women ages 45 – 65 on one specific campaign that might change your competition for that target’s attention, and your goals on how to reach this target.

4. Data Analytics

The only way to ensure that your target audience is being reached, and your campaign goals are being met is to constantly refer back to any data that you receive. Thanks to Instagram’s advertising autonomy, you’re able to edit all of your ads in real time. If you check the data and you see a low amount of clicks, you may want to consider utilizing this feature.

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