Instagram is a key social media platform to use to keep your business visible in the digital space. You can see Instagram Insights directly in the mobile app; but keeping track of all that data is time-consuming and sometimes confusing. A professional digital marketing team knows how to access Instagram Insights on a desktop to analyze that data for you. They will see all the data that is visible via the app (presented in just a slightly different view) and will use it to up your marketing game.


Instagram Insights is a feature that allows Instagram users with professional accounts to see analytics related to their profiles on the platform. Instagram Insights helps people learn more about what their audience likes and what engages them the most. This is vital when it comes to improving your Instagram marketing strategy.


Instagram Insights is extremely important for marketing yourself or your business because it allows access to indispensable data that will help you understand your audience. It provides you with data and metrics that show how your Instagram profile is performing as a key component of your social media marketing plan, and gives you a clear look at audience needs, wants, and preferences.


In order to access Instagram Insights, you need to create a professional Instagram account that reflects your personal brand identity. Professional Instagram accounts are either Creator accounts or Business accounts that are public, and used to highlight your work, products, or services with consumers; they help you build a following in the digital space. Creator and Business accounts have many similarities, though they are suited for different users.


Generally, Instagram Creator accounts are geared toward individuals. They are used by influencers, content creators, public figures, artists, etc. who are focused on building a personal brand. Instagram Business accounts are more suited to retailers, local businesses, organizations, or service providers that want access to features like contact buttons and advertising options. Instagram Creator Insights and Instagram Business Insights both provide information about things including follower growth, impressions, reach, and audience demographics; these things help clarify how the people are engaged and interacting with the content.


Instagram Story analytics is another important part of understanding your digital marketing strategy. There are key performance indicators (KPIs) that your professional digital marketing team can track to help you gauge the effectiveness of your Instagram Stories. These include reach and impressions, features, taps (back and forward), location and hashtag stickers, and more. These metrics are significant because they offer perspective as to brand awareness, traffic, engagement, etc.

Though you can access Instagram Insights, your professional digital marketing team will be able to see Instagram Insights on a desktop, which will allow them to analyze the Instagram metrics easily as one element of your whole social media marketing strategy. The pros will also be able to take advantage of other data analytics tools to crossreference the data, so they can share a more in-depth look at what is working well and where improvement is needed in your digital marketing strategy.

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