How To Speed Up Web Page Loading Time

Website performance optimization is key for businesses to see success; and the optimization of website speed is one of the most significant elements to consider. Website speed is the speed at which a website’s main page is downloaded and displayed in a web browser; monitoring this loading speed consistently will benefit business owners because it affects both the conversion rate and the search engine optimization (SEO)/search engine ranking (SERP) of your website. Improving it will help increase both the amount of traffic to your website as well as the conversion rate. Site speed has a huge impact on the level of satisfaction a user has with their overall website experience and the value that Google and other web browsers place on fast-loading sites as a factor in search engine ranking.

The first result of an optimized site speed is seen on the SERP that opens when a user queries for information online. Optimized site speed gets consumers to the website that loads most quickly. Google (and every other search engine) penalizes websites that load more slowly than others. Faster sites rank higher meaning those sites have greater visibility. A fast site speed also means users will spend more time on the site overall.

Site speed is critical for creating the best user experience possible. Fast site speeds lead to the most positive user experiences. User experience is what drives business when it comes to the digital engagement of consumers. How does the speed of your website impact this? Users will stop visiting if site speed is slow; this consumer “bounce” means you lose a potential customer or client. Business websites that load slowly will see decreased consumer traffic. Why? Well, consumers expect an immediate personalized online experience when they query and click on a search result. Website speed has a direct impact on user experience in this sense—slower speeds mean a less positive experience. 

Speed plays a vital role in the online success of businesses because it impacts conversion rates in major and measurable ways. High-performing, fast-loading sites engage users better than low-performing ones; they retain users better which leads to more conversions. Increased conversions mean increased revenue.

How quickly should a webpage load? Even the smallest of speed increases yield greater conversion rates. Some of Google’s user performance data from recent years, cited in a study completed by Deloitte, shows that changes in site speed can alter the engagement of users, as in this chart:

Web Page Loading Time

Regardless of whether an individual uses a computer or mobile device, the faster he or she can access your website, the better chances you have for both search engine ranking and capturing the conversion. Even a small improvement to site speed can have a significant positive effect on business and your bottom line.

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