Importance of Content Marketing- High-quality content has been at the top of the list of most significant factors for website ranking on search engines for years and remains atop that list today. Excellent content attracts people to your business; they notice and remember you when your content is topnotch. Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content that appeals to your specific audience and retains that audience, converting each member to a client or customer who drives your profits up. Google and other search engines don’t reward websites with poor content; they grant high ranks to sites with content that meets the needs of each user and creates a positive overall user experience.

So, what constitutes high-quality content? Content that fulfills the E-A-T principle is always considered to be high-quality; this principle was set as a baseline by Google and will help your website to rank more highly. The three most important aspects of content according to this principle are Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. To apply this principle, you first assess what kind of content that your clients or customers value. Next, you determine their search intent—the reason for their searches. Third, you use the information you have gathered to create content and present it in an audience-preferred format (e.g., blog vs. infographic, etc.). Further, you should add supporting statistics, facts, and reputable links within your content to fulfill the criteria of the E-A-T principle, so it can help ensure quality content on your website.

Long-form website content is another kind of high-quality subject matter that might be included on websites. Such content is written to provide more in-depth information about a given topic than shorter pieces. It can help improve your website’s position on a search engine results page (SERP). Long-form content can draw more traffic, resulting in more reader engagement and “shares” on other websites/social media platforms, as well as increased backlinks.

Content experiences can also add a level of quality that helps your website to land in a top SERP position. Randy Frisch—the man who coined the term in 2019 in his book, F#CK CONTENT MARKETING: FOCUS ON CONTENT EXPERIENCE—defines a content experience as the combination of the environment in which your content lives, how that content is structured, and how it compels your prospects and customers to engage with your company. Successful content experiences are they are relevant, personalized, and convenient for consumers—a holistic encounter that holds attention. Frisch notes that using a content experience involves strategically creating the environment where people can find and engage your content, structuring your content so it is easy for them to find online, and encouraging those visitors to engage with you via your content to the point of converting from interested consumer to committed client or customer. They can be a key component of digital marketing plans, especially when used in combination with more traditional content marketing, for increasing engagement and capturing leads in today’s digital marketing world. Part two of this series will touch on how using local search engine optimization also helps establish a successful digital marketing plan.

Quality content helps businesses stand out in the online crowd by attracting consumers more efficiently and effectively. If you need assistance creating the kind of content that will improve the bottom line of your business, reach out to Eye See You Now (ESYN), an Austin, Texas-based professional digital marketing company. ESYN is focused on enhancing your digital presence and committed to assisting you with all your digital marketing needs. Please contact the marketing experts at ESYN for a free consultation.