By now, managing your social media well is a critical tool to grow and manage your business and brand due to its prevalence. However, it’s important that you use social media in a manner that is as organized and impactful as possible.

Either you or another person may be handling the daily social media tasks of creating, planning, and organizing your social media cross multiple platforms. Regardless of who is doing it, consider the factors that will help you make a more informed decision about whether or not you should hire a professional to manage your social media.

In order to use social media successfully, you must understand the following concepts:

*Culture/trends that your business is part of (Cleaning company? The Life-Chaning Magic of Tidying Up. Dance company? Viral dance trends show up yearly.)

*Building a message that lines up with the identity of your brand

*Core audience/customer identification (knowing your audience will help you cater to them)

*KPIs/ROI objectives

*Current apps, tools, and trends

*SEO strategy

*Building strategic/community alliances (Allying with other similar or complimentary small business can help with building a new consumer base)

*Social engagement in a tactical manner (building campaigns instead of just posts, engaging effectively with potential customers)

*Handling crises related to brand reputation

*Image copyright/sourcing

*General practices of business management related to social media

All of these concepts are the exact reasons why you should consider giving the task of managing your social media strategy to a professional. Amateurs won’t be able to simply wing it and hope to become successful. Having strong social media management is key to ensuring that your company is successful, and anyone who isn’t much of a specialist will find it extremely difficult to be strong at this type of task.

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