Social media platforms have developed in the last several years with an eye towards user focus and engagement. Social media mavens have discovered the key to engagement is to keep users focused on visual content. As such, memes have taken the digital marketing world by storm.

A major cultural phenomenon, memes have become one of the most useful social media marketing tools of the current age. Businesses have embraced memes as a way to communicate with today’s consumers. Businesses use memes in various forms, including static images/photos, videos, and GIFs often with text layered over the image, to attract consumers to their brands while on social media; the memes are usually a play on a familiar theme or pop culture trend.

Memes used as part of a robust digital marketing plan can help a business to connect organically with consumers. Meme-sharing helps spread the word about a brand. Consumers who encounter a certain brand on social media often share memes on their own profiles and across social media platforms, thereby increasing the reach of that brand even more. Meme content sometimes goes viral because consumers are inclined to share them when they are entertained or otherwise engaged by this content style. 

Memes are a top social media marketing tool, used to help showcase a brand and to market its product or service to today’s consumers in a direct and relatable way. In every business industry, savvy digital marketing professionals know that using memes to relate to and interact with members of a target audience is key when it comes to attracting a following in the digital world, and beyond. To do this successfully, brands must build a sense of community by creating content that reaches consumers across various social media platforms and encourages engagement.

When used strategically, memes can boost a brand and offer greater market exposure. Memes can be put in place by professional social media marketers as a supplement to traditional advertising–memes do not include calls to action or explicit advertising, but they encourage consumers towards becoming true customers or clients. Whether they are original or repurposed memes, they can be incorporated into any brand’s digital marketing strategy.

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