Imagine being able to promote your office or show a property to a potential client right from their phone or tablet. Marketing videos for real estate in Austin are highly effective these days. Utilizing videos is perhaps the perfect way to help make your real estate brand really stand out in search results. We all know that over the last few years, search engine optimization has greatly changed, with the most often effective component still being video. This is because whenever video is optimized properly, it can not only be informative and engaging, but it can also be rewarded by many of the popular search engines that it features. Video is something that can be an extremely powerful marketing tool as part of your marketing strategy for your real estate company, and here are some useful ways that show this to be true in terms of search engine optimization.


We all know that perhaps the largest search engine in the entire world is Google. However, did you know that YouTube is also considered to be a search engine as well? Despite the fact that this popular website only shows videos, it is still considered to be a search engine since you have to *gasp* search for videos! In fact, YouTube is also considered to be the second largest search engine in the entire world, with over 100 hours of content being uploaded to the website every single minute. This essentially opens up a great opportunity for you and your brand to use this website to reach your target audience, provided that you optimize all of your videos with things such as catchy titles, keywords, and descriptions. This will enable the search engine to understand the following:

*What exactly your video is about
*Why your video is relevant

It’s also worth noting that YouTube and Google work hand-in-hand with one another, as YouTube is actually owned by Google. This means that when your video is of a high authority, chances are it will rank much higher in Google search results, especially in terms of specific keywords. In addition, you can also choose to index different video tags, which Google can then use to assign various degrees of relevance in search results before determining the overall ranking and influence of your video.


When you embed videos on your website, you will see that conversion rates will significantly be increased. You can establish trust with visitors to your website by utilizing the following types of video content:

*Customer testimonials
*Customer reviews
*Video messages from the owner

Regardless of the content you choose to present, you stand a better chance of reinforcing your real estate brand’s value, as well as potentially influencing purchase decisions of any existing or future customers. Furthermore, this kind of content is much more engaging than something as simple as images and text would normally be.


Another great way to increase your rankings within search results in to index transcripts from your videos. All you need to do is simply transcribe the video script before directly placing the text into the HTML of your video’s host page. This is a move that can surely put you ahead of your competitors, as this is likely a move that they may not have considered taking themselves. In addition, by taking this step, you will also be able to share direct quotes and/or sentences from certain points in your video and even share them on various social media platforms, which can allow others to share them with people around the world as well, thereby gaining you even more traffic.

Marketing Videos for Real Estate in Austin


It’s common knowledge that videos are shared every single day on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which is something that search engines such as Google is constantly paying attention to. Whenever a video is shared, the content contained within it generates what’s known as “social signals,” which eventually leads to valuable links being built back to your own website whenever one of your videos is shared enough times. Whenever you think about sharing a video, consider doing so through blog posts, email newsletters, and any other online real estate-related locations that you feel your target audience may be spending their time.


When considering marketing videos for an Austin real estate company – or with any other kind of marketing strategy, for that matter – your search engine optimization efforts should always be measured in order to not only keep track of all of your successes, but also to make changes when needed whenever something is not working properly. It’s also a good idea to set some sort of a goal for your video campaign in order to help keep all of your efforts on the right track.