Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is something that’s extremely important for anyone and everyone in the marketing field. Optimizing a webpage, especially blog posts, means making a website more visible to those entering keywords that are associated with your service or product.

While blog content does contribute to SEO, algorithm updates on search engines can end up making this tricky, especially since today’s practices involving SEO are more about factors such as intent and relevancy.

Here are three tips to make note of for search engine optimizing your blog content.

*Keep in mind that search engines always look to a URL that you input for your webpage in order to determine what your post is actually about. It’s one of the first things that will crawl on a page, and it will give you a big opportunity to optimize all of your URLs on each post that you publish. This is because every post lives on thanks to its unique URL. This means that you should take the time to include one or two keywords in it.

*Avoid using too many topic tags that are similar in nature. While these can help to organize the blog content that you post, overusing them can actually result in you getting penalized by search engines on the grounds of having duplicate content. If you feel that your blog posts may have too many tags that are similar, take the time to clean them up a bit. For instance, select about 15 to 25 topic tags that you feel are more important to your blog, as well as ones that aren’t similar to one another. From there, only tag your posts with those tags.

*Whenever possible, link internally. Sharing inbound links to your blog content will help to show search engines how relevant your content actually is. This means that if you’ve written about a topic that’s mentioned in your blog post on a separate blog post, webpage, or ebook, you will want to take the time to link to that specific source.

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