Your retail or manufacturing company should have a marketing strategy in place for finding and converting new leads and customers that is focused on the product you have to offer. Product-focused content marketing allows you to explain to your audience what your product is; it allows you to provide details as to its function and purpose, and the reasons it will be useful to them. Product-focused content “serves a sales or marketing goal,” according to Melanie Deziel’s book, THE CONTENT FUEL FRAMEWORK, “where it provides information that guides a potential customer along the journey to becoming an actual customer.” It melds content marketing with product development, to generate organic website traffic that leads to customer conversions. While product-focused content marketing is not a tactic limited to retail or manufacturing companies with a physical product to offer, it is most often considered in this context.

According to the open research analyst firm Altimeter, product-focused content “educates customers about specific features and helps them operate, repair, and best utilize the brand’s products.” Altimeter’s 2018 State of Digital Content, which is based on data from a survey of 400 content and digital marketers across the globe, uncovered some key findings regarding product-focused content, including the following:

  • Majority of companies (41 percent) can tie revenue impact directly to content.
  • Product-focused content (29 percent) outperformed all other content archetypes, including thought leadership, brand-focused content, company-focused content and user generated content….

The impact of product-focused content marketing can be very significant. Explicitly tying your product to your content is important; this technique of weaving your product and its features into your overall narrative is key. Incorporate your product into your marketing facets, from blog posts to user guides, to make it integral to your company’s story.

Product-focused content marketing is helpful because it supports acquisition and retention, while also giving you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It supports acquisition by increasing consumer awareness of your company and its product(s) at the earliest point of exposure; this helps members of your audience gain familiarity with your brand and assists in moving them towards conversion.

This type of content marketing supports retention, too. By targetting existing customers via content focused on your products, you are able to guide them to learn more about your product than they already know, so they can use it to its full potential. It keeps the focus on people who already have an interest in what you have to offer, such that their loyalty to your brand as an authority in the market is solidified.

Product-focused content marketing also gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Considering that many companies do not use product-focused content to its full capacity, this can work to your advantage by showcasing your company as the authority from the start. It guides consumers to easily center their attention on the products you are marketing.

Product-led content marketing is your opportunity to increase customer retention, while also increasing conversions. Making your product part of your company story allows you to focus on your customer’s needs and desires. That is why appropriately implemented product-focused content leads to marketing success.

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