by Erika Mehlhaff


As the holiday season approaches, Austin is buzzing with exciting activities to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the new year! The city will host a variety of events perfect for celebrating a festive Austin New Year, including a spectacular fireworks display over the iconic Congress Avenue Bridge. Food enthusiasts can indulge in the diverse culinary scene, with numerous restaurants offering special New Year’s menus. Additionally, the city’s vibrant nightlife will come alive with parties and live music performances. Austin is the place to be to ring in the New Year with style.


Successful businesses in Austin recognize the need to create engaging and relevant content to capture the attention of their target audiences ahead of the New Year festivities, to drive traffic to the products or services they offer. Social media platforms have become a crucial tool for New Year’s advertising because it allows businesses to connect with their audience and drive service and sales more directly than ever. There are a variety of New Year content ideas that Eye See You Now can develop to help increase the visibility of your company on social media platforms. By utilizing these platforms to post desirable content, we help businesses effectively connect with their target audience during the holiday season.




Examples of the kind of effective social media content we can provide for you this holiday season include posts that showcase special promotions or discounts in a visually appealing way. For instance, we can create posts for a local boutique in Austin featuring festive outfits for New Year’s Eve, along with a caption highlighting a limited-time discount. This type of content not only grabs the attention of potential customers but also encourages them to take action by making a purchase–the kind of engagement that boosts sales and builds a customer base.


Another example of successful social media content we can create as your business forges forward into the new year is that that evokes a sense of nostalgia and anticipation, such as sharing posts for a popular restaurant in Austin featuring a mouth-watering image of a signature dish, along with a caption that stirs memories of past New Year’s celebrations and expresses excitement for the upcoming year! Content like this resonates with customers on an emotional level, making them more likely to engage with the post and then visit the restaurant.

Whether it’s showcasing special promotions or arousing a sense of nostalgia, businesses in Austin have the opportunity to make a lasting impression on their customers and start the new year off on a successful note with online marketing campaigns tailored to their target audience. Eye See You Now (ESYN) is your go-to digital marketing company for promoting your brand in the online space. The competent and skilled ESYN team will help you reach your business goals, whether your company is in Texas or anywhere else in the world. Contact Eye See You Now online at any time.