Now that the season of summer vacation and extended holiday weekends is ending, marketers are preparing to launch their fall marketing campaigns as businesses hurtle towards the end of their third quarter.

Despite the fact that summer is known for peak events and marketing with kids out of school, many marketers have been hard at work getting their fall campaigns prepared. A successful agency always knows that they should always remain ahead by a full season. However, since there’s a lot of creative-type work that has to be completed, the real challenge is being able to remain on top of all current projects while simultaneously looking to the future.

Here are a few pointers to ensure your fall marketing campaign is successful:

Pay Attention to Previous Data

Take a look at all of your previous data and let it direct you to the proper course of action. If your campaign last year didn’t go as planned, pinpoint what exactly went wrong and adjust. Specifically, pay attention to where your past successes came from and what needs to be improved upon. Look to your competitors – what are they doing well, and what are they not? Research the market in your industry and see what it’s currently telling you regarding the product or service that you offer.

Hold Marketing Meetings

Having a good effective team meeting is extremely important for seasonal shifts. Take the time to highlight important steps, discuss ideas and opinions, and establish a timeline. This will keep everyone on the same page and set you up for success the following season.

Take Advantage of Holiday Interest

Almost without exception, seasonal holidays provide some of the most clickable online content. After all, they’re familiar and fun! Don’t be afraid to add some boo for your buck heading into Halloween and emphasize home, family, and gratitude towards Thanksgiving. If you sell physical products, consider limited-edition products or holiday discounts.

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