Digital marketing is a fundamental component of every business marketing plan today and should be a central part of the marketing mix your company uses. It is important to have a digital marketing strategy in place that meets the promotional needs of your company, so you can stay ahead of the competition. It is one of the key marketing methods that successful businesses use to gain the attention of their target audience and promote the products or services they offer; and search engine optimization, or SEO, is important to the success of your business.

SEO-focused digital marketing is essential because the majority of online traffic is driven by search engines. If your digital marketing team works with you to develop a website that is rich in content, while helping you to connect with customers or clients via social media, you will establish your business as an authority in your field. But in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, it is even more essential for business owners like you to keep an eye on the SEO element of your marketing plans. Having SEO professionals or an SEO digital marketing agency like Eye See You Now that specializes on SEO is critical; they know just how important it is to use SEO in your digital marketing plan.


Though your website should be built for the people you want to serve, you still must consider what the best ways are to reach them online. Well-planned and executed SEO can help your company reap major benefits over time. This is because SEO is all about helping your business website to stand out on search engines via ranking, to bring organic traffic to you. Organic traffic—that is, the visitors that arrive at your business website naturally because of a search engine results page link—will grow quickly the higher your website ranks for search terms related to your company and what it has to offer. How do you get your business website to the top of the search engine results pages? The answer is to use targeted keywords throughout your site.


Keyword ranking is a major way to encourage organic traffic to your business website. SEO professionals will perform keyword research to find keywords to target for your company; these keywords then get included in the content on your website. If the content provided on your website ranks well for the keywords that search engines are targeting, your organic traffic can increase significantly and return dividends in the short term and the long term. And more traffic means more opportunities for your company to convert those potential clients or customers to dedicated clients or customers who return to do business with you and bring others along as well! Your professional digital marketing team will update keywords as needed to drive more organic traffic to your website.


Optimizing your business website is the best way to get the most impactful information to search engines so that your keyword-rich content can be appropriately indexed and displayed on their search engine results pages (SERPs) and drive organic traffic to your website. Using tried and true SEO methods is a surefire way to make this happen; it will keep you competitive and help to ensure that your company’s business website ranks high enough to be seen at the top of every SERP and to keep the traffic flowing your way. But how do you maintain a high SERP ranking once you secure your place as an authority in your field? The key to holding a top spot is for your digital marketing team to measure your progress along the way, in light of the SEO they have put into practice for your business.


Monitoring and tracking SEO progress is key when it comes to helping businesses to reach their potential. There is a variety of measurement tools available to accomplish this; these metrics help your digital marketing team to monitor the effectiveness of the SEO plan in place for your business and point to areas where the SEO isn’t working or could be improved. Your professional digital marketing team will use benchmark metrics to make this assessment and will share their findings with you via frequent check-ins and reports, to keep you informed of how the SEO is contributing to your online marketing success. Keeping an eye on the SEO progress of your business will help your digital marketing team improve the quality and quantity of your traffic to bring organic results. That’s why engaging the services of a professional digital marketing company like Eye See You Now is important for your business—with a focus on SEO, the professionals know when and how to respond to search engine algorithms that change frequently.


1. Organic traffic
2. Keyword ranking
3. SERP visibility      

When employed properly and appropriately according to your business needs, SEO will help your company to attract your target audience efficiently and effectively. Eye See You Now is your best choice for building or revamping a digital marketing strategy and SEO plan for you. Eye See You Now is an Austin, Texas-based professional digital marketing company that is focused on enhancing the digital presence of your business and committed to helping you with all your digital marketing needs. If you need assistance with the development of an impactful digital marketing plan for your business that utilizes reliable, proven SEO methods to reach your target consumer audience, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the agency of SEO digital marketing specialists at Eye See You Now. Please reach out to the marketing experts at Eye See You Now online or by phone for a free consultation. We are ready to help you create a successful digital marketing plan for your business.