Every single year, the question of how important search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is for that particular year always comes up, meaning that businesses will end up taking the time to decide what they should invest in for the upcoming year.

The simple answer to that question is that they should always invest in more than they did the year before.

This brings up the point of how important SEO could end up becoming for 2018. Again, the simple answer is that it will end up being more important than it was in 2017, especially since SEO is something that always continues to both grow and evolve.

Marketers are also aware that every year, various factors come into play that help to drive that growth and innovation. They also know that these factors change each and every year as well.

Here are two trends that will more than likely help with making SEO more important in 2018:

Quality Over Quantity with Google

Throughout 2017, Google took the step of making updates to their algorithm. This year, there hasn’t been much of these types of updates. However, there have been updates regarding quality that have been taking place every few weeks.

No Longer Using Longer Form Content For Early Stage Engagement

Long-form content has historically been both seen and used as early-stage content in order to convince new users to visit a specific website all by either answering a question or addressing a topic that’s more broad in nature. This was meant to position a business as a leader with the belief that you would be able to help solve a particular problem. This trend could end up continuing to change in 2018, especially since people tend to seek more information about a particular thing prior to spending any money or making any other kind of commitment.

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