SEO marketing specialists Texas Just as URLs with and without backslashes are read and noted as completely different URLs, they are also read and noted as different when they have character case variations. The case of the characters in a URL is important because it can impact the way a business builds its search engine optimization (SEO) plan; URLs can affect a website’s ranking in search engine results.

URLs that are typed in lowercase or uppercase usually lead to the same website, but they are considered different URLs when it comes to search engine crawlers. Google’s John Mueller recently took to YouTube to address the issue of case-sensitive URLs, and stated that it does, indeed, matter whether the letters in your website’s URL are lowercase or uppercase. On the “Ask Googlebot” session on September 28, 2021 on the Google Search Central YouTube channel, Mueller responded to a question of whether a website’s ranking can be impacted by the case of letters in the URL. “By definition, URLs are case sensitive, and also things like slashes at the end do matter,” Mueller said. “So, technically, yes–these things matter. They make URLs different.” Mueller says that Googlebot crawls all the versions of a given URL to determine which one will get sent higher on a search results page (SERP). Further, all the extra effort put into determining which URL to display on SERPs is an obstacle to Googlebot discovering other content on a site. Both of these things are major SEO impacts to consider.


SEO marketing specialists Texas Case-sensitivity in URLs is an issue for SEO when various different versions of those URLs are discovered by search engines. Search engines crawl the home page of a website, as well as individual pages to assign trust and authority to each based on several different factors–one key factor is links to the site. Having multiple versions of a URL splits any trust and authority that gets assigned; this can cause a drop in website ranking on SERPs. Knowing this, it is clear that it is extremely important to carefully consider the case of any URLs associated with your business website.

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