SEO Optimization Companies – Spring is in the air! The spring season always has been known as a time for fresh starts. Cleaning and tidying your home and office is key for feeling refreshed and refocused. Fresh starts are great in every area of your life, including business—your business’s digital marketing plan could use a good spring cleaning each year, too! 

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to remember that best practices and popular marketing methods are always changing, and new techniques are constantly developing. It’s easy to end up trailing behind the trends or to be left saddled with an outdated and ineffective search engine optimization (SEO) plan. Spending some time reviewing your plan with your professional digital marketing team every spring is vital for keeping your business relevant and firmly in the sights of your target market. This is called an SEO audit. Your audit can be addressed from both technical and content-related angles: fine-tuning your marketing plan in both areas is essential for maintaining and increasing your digital footprint.

Today, staying on track for growth in your business is directly related to your digital marketing plan. It is critical to spend time reevaluating your business goals every so often, so you can effectively revamp your SEO strategy to continue down a positive path. First, review your current SEO strategy with your digital marketing company to assess what has worked well for your business in the past. Check to see which techniques attracted clients or customers, which ones helped maintain your client/customer base, and which things did not work to your advantage. Evaluating your SEO progress will help you gain a greater understanding of which areas need to be addressed differently to be more effective.

A frequent check of your links is important, so adding it to your website spring cleaning task list is a great idea. Review all the links you have to make sure they are not broken/do not lead to dead URLs. If you find any such links, you will need to make sure they are redirected away from pages that no longer exist. Doing this will help you maintain your current client/customer base and keep other consumers on your site, so they convert to loyal clients or customers as well. It will also preserve your business website’s place high on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

It’s also important to keep your eye on essential SEO elements of your digital marketing plan like keyword research. Reviewing keywords is critical because they are a part of your SEO tags across your website; strategic keywords should be assigned to each page of your website to make sure consumers searching for the type of content on each page find it as easily and efficiently as possible. The keywords associated with your business need to be high value in that sense.

Another important SEO element to review is directly related to keywords: meta data. Meta data includes things like title tags and meta descriptions. These need to include strategic keywords to clearly, accurately, and briefly describe the contents of each page of your website for consumers who find your business on a SERP. It should be adjusted after identification of missing, incomplete, or duplicate meta data—you should avoid keyword stuffing (i.e., overuse of keywords) and make sure to have unique, but concise tags.

Refreshing the content on your business website is another excellent step you can take towards creating a better user experience for your target audience, while also improving your SEO. Make sure your contact information is updated and easy to find on your site as your first step here. Next, review and sort your existing content, and then check out which content is working well to engage your target audience and build traffic; and remove anything that isn’t positively impacting your business—working with your skilled digital marketing team is the most efficient way to do this. An additional task here is to optimize any images you have on your site, making sure they are appropriate/relevant, as well as being sized correctly and having alt text that includes keywords. This audit will help you to determine what content needs an update and what new content you need to add to your website.

You will benefit from working with digital marketing professionals to update and tighten your SEO plan. Adjusting your current SEO plan or creating a new plan during the spring can ensure you’re moving in a positive direction, drawing you closer to your business goals. SEO spring cleaning allows you to identify things that are holding your business back, so you can have a fresh start. Designating time each spring to revamp your digital marketing and SEO strategy allows you to implement the most up-to-date marketing methods and techniques so your business remains competitive.

Do you have any questions about how a professional digital marketing company can help you with your digital marketing and SEO spring cleaning? Reach out any time to Eye See You Now (ESYN), an Austin, Texas-based digital marketing company focused on enhancing the digital presence of your business. Our committed SEO specialists have the knowledge and skills to effectively boost your SEO rankings and drive consumer conversions. Please contact the marketing experts at ESYN to discuss a revamp of your digital marketing strategy and SEO plan; we are ready to address your needs during a free consultation. The professional digital marketing specialists at ESYN are ready to assist you with growing your business by keeping your business website current and relevant.