Instagram’s new Creator Studio has officially launched, which now allows creators to have access to all sorts of new features and tools, including being able to schedule IGTV videos. Creator Studio had previously been available only for Facebook Pages. With new changes it is now launching for Instagram.

Back in 2017, Facebook launched the Facebook Creator app, as well as the Facebook for Creators website. Both of these were designed to help creators with managing their overall presence on the social media platform. In August of 2018, it was announced by Facebook that Creator Studio would be launching.

This would enable creators to have the ability to both manage and publish content to the platform. In December, Facebook announced that they were testing the Instagram Creator Account, which would enable users to have access to features such as simplified messaging, flexible profile controls, and more.

Now, Instagram users will be able to post, manage, monetize, and measure all content on their accounts.

In a press release, Facebook stated the following: “With these options, creators can grow their passion into a business, making money with any combination of monetization products that makes sense for their content and audience.”

Creator Studio remains limited in terms of factors such as visual planning, team collaboration, analytics, and more. This means that anyone searching for a tool for assistance with optimizing their Instagram strategy, scheduling and planning their content visually, and attributing revenue to specific posts, then a marketing platform such as Instagram.

Prior to managing posts, publishing Instagram content from a desktop, or obtaining insights, an Instagram account will first need to be linked to Creator Studio. A user must first have both an Instagram account and Facebook Page, with the Instagram account connected to the Facebook Page. Additionally, they must make sure that they have switched their Instagram account to either a business profile or a Creator Account.

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