Social Media Marketing Austin. When it comes to both new businesses and new marketers, perhaps the one thing that can be the biggest obstacle is social media. While it can bring about so much potential, it can also have its share of disadvantages as well. Furthermore, while there’s no right way to utilize social media, there actually is a wrong way to use it.

Here are four things that you should never do on social media.


First and foremost, you should never engage in marketing on social media without first establishing some sort of a strategy. By having a business plan, you will be able to outline all of your goals as a company and ensure that you will be successful. Implementing a strategy involving social media will do the same, and if you fail to have one, you’ll essentially be guaranteeing failure on your part. Some of the most basic concepts that should be outlined in your strategy should include communication tactics, time investment, target audience, metric tool management, and content schedules.


It’s also important that you never avoid any kind of negative feedback. This is perhaps one of the worst mistakes that you can make as a marketer. This specific type of feedback is something that will bring the overall experiences of your customers to your attention. Whenever anyone comes to you with a problem involving your brand, you should be sure to issue an apology as a form of common courtesy. The main issue with ignoring complaints from customers is that the complaint itself is visible to millions of people, and the way a business deals with that single complaint can have perhaps the greatest impact on overall consumer opinion. When it comes to dealing with bad reviews, always be honest, remain as professional as possible, offer recompense whenever it is necessary, and be empathetic.


You should also never be too formal. While it’s always important to remain professional, keep in mind that social media is the one place where you, as a business, can always let your hair down, so to speak. This is the one place where you can always engage with your customers, so don’t be afraid to take the chance and relax and have some fun. Use all of your content to show the lighthearted side of yourself by posting content such as memes that poke fun at your brand, “introducing the office” videos, and more.


It’s also important to note that at no time should you ever take any kind of an official political stand, despite the fact that oftentimes, social media can be used as a platform for all sorts of political debate. Consumers may end up posting about their favorite political parties or candidates; however, as a business, the best step for you to take is to remain neutral. If you were to end up taking a particular side, not only will you end up risking offending someone, but you could also end up potentially losing business due to having a strong political opinion.

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