All companies are able to have a good presence on social media no matter what; however, the biggest challenge involves building up a presence that people can trust, as well as one that can help to generate good conversation.

Here are three good habits to make note of that will help to make your own brand much more authentic on social media.


Always be consistent. If you present something at a networking event that is much different than what you present online, you’ll only end up giving off a more negative impression as a result. Your customers want to feel assured that you have a more uniform message involving your brand. In order to be consistent, you can do something as simple as putting your logo on each profile, video, and marketing material. Basically, select a brand voice and make sure that you apply it throughout each platform that you use.

Target Audience

Another good habit to make note of is to focus on your target audience. This will help you to make more strategic decisions regarding sales and marketing. Take the time to ask yourself who will be looking at all of your social media, as well as who will care about the content that you share. From there, compose a social media plan that focuses on those individuals.

Listen and Respond

One other important habit to consider is to listen and respond. This means that you should always take the time to have real one-on-one conversations with your social media followers rather than simply sending basic responses to them if they send you questions or comments about something. It’s absolutely important to listen to what they have to say and respond with a timely amount of insight, making sure that you speak as naturally as possible.

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