Spring cleaning your SEO strategy in 2023 is a key step business owners should take to stay ahead of the competition. When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to remember that best practices and popular marketing methods are always changing, and new techniques are constantly developing. It’s easy to end up trailing behind the trends or to be left saddled with an outdated and ineffective search engine optimization (SEO) plan. An annual refresh of SEO is important when it comes to improving and adapting company websites for greater business success. The spring season always has been known as a time for fresh starts, making it an optimal time of year to review and update SEO strategies.

Spending some time reviewing and refreshing and revitalizing your digital marketing plan with your professional digital marketing team is essential for keeping your company relevant and firmly in the sights of your target market. This is called an SEO audit. Your SEO audit can be addressed from both technical and content-related angles: fine-tuning your marketing plan in both areas is vital for boosting your company’s presence in the digital marketplace.

Keeping your SEO on track supports business growth; high performance and achievement of business goals is directly related to your digital marketing plan. It is critical to revamp your SEO strategy to continue down a positive path. You should review your current SEO strategy with your digital marketing company. Your experienced team will share their assessment of what has worked well for your business in the past, including techniques that best attracted clients or customers, helped to maintain your client/customer base, and those that were ineffective. Their evaluation of your company’s SEO progress will help you gain a greater understanding of which areas need to be addressed differently to be more effective, and you will be able to provide your own input.

Revising your SEO strategy each spring will help preserve your business website’s place high on the search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google and other search engines. It will help keep your company front and center online–this year, an improved digital marketing plan will help your company as business bridges the Google algorithm updates of 2022 and the updates underway now for 2023. This is an important consideration because search engine algorithm updates impact search rankings. Your digital marketing company will review metrics in order to optimize the technical aspects of your website, as well as refresh and add valuable, high-quality content; and they will prioritize your website’s user experience to prepare even more for future algorithm updates. Your team will analyze your company website and take the necessary steps to make it better so your company maintains a strong presence in search results.

Are you a business owner wondering how to create a digital marketing campaign from scratch?  Or do you have a plan in place but want to know how to spring clean your digital marketing?  Are you sifting through SEO optimization companies to find the best professional help available?

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Incorporating new or more accurate information to your business website during your digital marketing refresh is an excellent step you can take as well; doing so helps create a better user experience for your target audience, while also improving your SEO. Part of this is making sure your contact information is updated and easy to find on your site. Another part is reviewing and sorting your existing content, and determining which content is working well to engage your target audience and build website traffic. On top of these things, it is important to remove anything that isn’t positively impacting your business. An additional task here is to optimize any images you have on your site, making sure they are appropriate/relevant, as well as being sized correctly and having alt text that includes keywords. Of course, working with your skilled digital marketing team is the most efficient way to accomplish these tasks.

You will benefit from working with digital marketing professionals to update and tighten your SEO plan. Adjusting your current SEO plan or creating a new plan during the spring can ensure you’re moving in a positive direction, drawing you closer to your business goals. SEO spring cleaning allows you to identify things that are holding your business back, so you can have a fresh start. Designating time each spring to revamp your digital marketing and SEO strategy allows you to implement the most up-to-date marketing methods and techniques so your business remains competitive.

Do you have any questions about how a professional digital marketing company can help you with your digital marketing and SEO spring cleaning? Reach out any time to Eye See You Now (ESYN), a professional digital marketing agency in Austin focused on enhancing the online presence of your company and solidifying your digital footprint. Our committed SEO specialists have the knowledge and skills to effectively handle SEO updates since March 2022, so your company remains competitive into 2023. Please contact the marketing experts at ESYN to discuss a revamp of your digital marketing strategy and SEO plan; we are ready to address your needs during a free consultation. The professional digital marketing specialists at ESYN are ready to assist you with growing your business by keeping your business website current and relevant, whether you need services for Austin, San Antonio, or Dallas SEO updates, or anywhere in the world.


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