The novel coronavirus spread and became the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, causing major economic consequences for the nation’s small business sector. Vulnerable small businesses immediately were forced to respond to the impact of this public health emergency to stabilize their operations and head off financial instability. In this time of economic crisis, small businesses have been forced to seek out private and governmental financial relief, like emergency loans and tax relief resources. They have had to explore strategies that help business owners deal with the economic downturn as proactively as possible, to buoy their businesses as they fight to survive the pandemic and aim to thrive in the future. One of the many ways small business owners have discovered to be of greatest use as they pivot towards a new way of doing business is using strategic digital marketing for survival and success. 

In this final part of our Surviving COVID series, we discuss how digital marketing can assist small business owners interested in increasing the visibility of their businesses in the digital world via focused utilization of technology-related resources.

Directing more attention and resources to digital marketing has become increasingly important for small businesses seeking to weather the economic storm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses continue to pivot more towards digital marketing methods. Why? Because shrewd business owners understand that they must fight to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market. Prudent business owners know that they can stay connected to their target audiences that are spending more and more time accessing information via the internet and online platforms through strategic advertising and marketing and by optimizing their websites for SEO to boost their online visibility considerably, allowing them to maintain and increase brand awareness. Savvy business owners realize that by shifting more of their advertising and marketing energy and resources to digital marketing now, they will be able to maintain and grow their companies to flourish in the aftermath of the pandemic. Astute small business owners that relied pre-pandemic on in-person interactions with customers and clients know that pivoting to a more digitally inclined business model is important because customers and clients will be more digitally engaged from this point forward, making online relationships more central to a business plan than ever.

Because the financial state of many small businesses is so tenuous at this time of economic recession, digital marketing is a crucial element to consider when modifying and/or amending business plans and budgets. It is paramount for small businesses to use their financial resources wisely, making digital marketing an excellent, cost-effective strategy for continuing and increasing their reach to promote their products and services in the online marketplace. It is essential for small businesses to use the market upheaval created by the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity—an efficient, economical tool for reaching more consumers than ever before, whom they can engage directly to build trust and inspire long-term loyalty.

The time is now for competitive small businesses to shift their focus and set their sights on strengthening their digital competencies. A professional digital marketing company can help small business owners make this important pivot quickly and easily. The best digital marketing company can help build and maintain business websites, which are the first building blocks of digital business-consumer relationships; a company with web design and development experts knows how to help businesses remain competitive and relevant by analyzing the needs of individual small businesses to make sure that websites contain appropriate content and graphics, and that the underlying structure of those websites allows for an intuitive, user-friendly online experience for consumers. A practiced and proficient digital marketing company can assist small business owners further by implementing effective internet marketing strategies and techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing via blogs and information pages within a business website. 

Websites are not the only way to reach consumers online. Digital platforms and apps play a major role in small business marketing and advertising in the modern age, and even more so as the pandemic rages on. Social media platforms can help a small business to connect with target audiences, providing them with information about available products and services while engaging them in an interactive way that deepens business-consumer relationships. A professional team of digital marketing consultants can help you create profiles on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to increase overall digital exposure while promoting products and services and managing business reputations. Digital marketing specialists can work together with small business owners to formulate a social media marketing plan that allows for small businesses to make the most of digital media platforms.

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff