Viral marketing is an extremely important aspect of promoting a company’s products or services.  The process of creating viral content for marketing purposes can be very difficult. It requires careful planning by digital marketing professionals with an in-depth understanding of the types of content target audiences enjoy and value, as well as the way they most often share information. Read on to learn more about what viral marketing is and why it’s important.


Viral marketing is a method of creating content for companies that inspires consumers to share it with others in their social circle. This digital strategy is used by successful digital marketing teams to help spread awareness about companies’ products and services to generate consumer interest rapidly. The goal of viral marketing campaigns is for people to share content (e.g., graphics, videos, social media posts, etc.) across social media platforms and other networks to increase brand awareness and encourage quick conversions. It is target audience members who spread the branded messaging by sharing content, making viral marketing a very efficient and effective marketing strategy.

“Viral marketing provides marketers with a powerful strategy in which to get word of their product or service out faster. When viral marketing is implemented successfully, businesses can use this strategy to increase their reach and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) in their campaigns. Viral marketing is an essential strategy to learn…to boost visibility and engagement.”

~ from What Is Viral Marketing? (With Steps for Successful Implementation) by Dylan Buckley


Viral marketing is an extremely effective marketing tool. How do you know? First, it allows companies to extend their reach to a large audience very quickly. It is a simple way for brands to focus on trends people care about, especially in real-time across social media platforms.

Another way in which viral marketing is effective is that the content generated as part of a viral marketing campaign is typically easy for consumers to remember. Viral content often taps into a specific emotion or another trigger to hook and hold people, encouraging extended consideration of the companies’ offerings; this keeps people engaged and moves them closer to conversion.

Another reason that viral marketing is an effective strategy is that it relies on content being disseminated voluntarily by consumer members of target audiences. This makes it an economical method for building authenticity and authority/trust in the brands that use viral marketing–it doesn’t come across as a mere sales tactic.


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