Currently, there are more than three billion people all across the world using some form of social media platform. Even better is the fact that these people are using those same platforms to engage with various brands. For instance, just on Instagram, 80% of users are found to have followed at least one business.

Not taking advantage of this type of trend can result in you missing out on a great way to reach approximately half of the population of the entire world.

Here are three different benefits of using social media for business purposes.

Sales are Boosted

Social media can help you sell virtually anything, and your accounts are part of an important factor known as the sales funnel. This is a process that involves a brand new client becoming a customer. Social media platforms are also expected to become important for both ecommerce and general product searches.

Content Promotion

Perhaps the best way to get fresh eyes on the goods and/or services that your business offers is to take to social media to promote everything. Try to especially concentrate on fresher sets of eyes, which is highly likely to grow your overall audience.

Communication During a Crisis

Recently, the popular coffee chain Starbucks made national news after two African American men were arrested at a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania location while waiting for the arrival of another associate for a business meeting, despite the two men having not done anything wrong. As a result, the hashtag #BoycottStarbucks was used over 100,000 times within the span of just three days. This is something that can turn into a huge crisis, and thankfully, Starbucks responded quickly, stating that they were taking the matter seriously and apologizing that the situation led to the unjust arrest. Take a moment to determine whether or not your own company has plans for dealing with any kind of a crisis, and never be silent on social media when a crisis occurs. Always have a suitable plan in place to engage with your audience if the need arises.

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