Thanks to all sorts of new platforms, technology, and channels, marketing is something that has changed for all types of businesses, especially small businesses. The explosion of online marketing especially in the last 10 years has totally changed the game. It has helped to ultimately create a level playing field, as well as provide a way for these businesses to reach out to all of their customers in a way that is both low-cost and personalized.

Here are three ways in which online marketing is helping to change small businesses.

Digital Marketing Over Paper Marketing

With small businesses, they no longer have to worry about marketing through media such as magazines, newspapers, or phone books. Instead, they will now be able to both design and utilize digital marketing campaigns in order to leverage technology to reach all of their customers.

Customer Engagement from Customer Service

Small business owners used to be able to set specific hours in which they would be available to answer or follow-up on questions or other issues from customers. Now that there is unlimited access thanks to social media, customers will now be able to contact a business whenever they need to, meaning that a small business owner will need to pay attention at all times in order to address something quickly if they need to.

Constantly Develop Content

All customers are looking for more than just some type of catchy jingle or catchphrase in order to remember a business. They want some actual information that helps to solve a problem or issue that they may be experiencing. This makes it especially important to constantly develop new content for customers to access, as well as content that helps to keep their attention.

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