A product or brand becoming a proprietary eponym – between cola and Coke or tissue and Kleenex – is the biggest part of brand awareness. Even if a business doesn’t achieve something like this, that doesn’t mean that they can’t do anything to help boost awareness of their specific brand.

Here are three ways in which brand awareness can be successfully built.

Guest Content

Developing great-looking content to share on other blogs as a guest is an amazing way to help build up awareness for your brand, as well as get your name known throughout the industry in which you are a part of. Make sure, however, that the content you publish is of a high quality so that you can make a lasting impression.

Offer Freebies

It’s certainly no secret that everyone loves getting free stuff. Consider placing your brand name on items such as Frisbees and pens, then hand them out to people at a local festival or two.

Contests on Social Media

Consider holding a contest on the social media platform of your choosing in which contestants will need to submit either a video or photo regarding a subject that you choose and which they can win a specific prize for. Encourage them to share the links on their own social media platform of choice, which will help spread awareness of your particular brand to others.

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