One industry that has been rather slow at embracing technology has been real estate. Just a few years ago, realtors were able to get away with not having such a strong presence on social media. Now, social media is no longer optional for these types of professionals.

Real estate agents find success in interpersonal relationships. People hire and recommend realtors that they trust. Buying a home lies at the crossroads of great emotion and financial responsibility. That’s not a task most people are comfortable entrusting in just anybody. For agents, social media shouldn’t be seen as an inconvenience or a chore; social media should be embraced as an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential clients in both a personal and professional aspect.

In 2019, people expect that the businesses they work with to have some sort of social media presence. According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 72% of adults visit Facebook on average of once per month. What other website gets attention from three quarters of the population? And as the older millennial settle into their 30s and begin buying homes, catering to a group who has matured in the presence of social media is vital.

Here are five useful tips that will help any and all real estate agents become successful in terms of social media as 2019 rolls on.

Come Up with a Game Plan

Even though there are multiple social media platforms available, simply creating an account on one or more of them isn’t enough. You also need to be extremely active and consistent with both your posting and the content that you post. It can be easy to become overwhelmed as time goes on, but having a focused game plan will prevent you from getting sidetracked. It will also hold you accountable, as well as force you to always be thoughtful about the strategy that you employ.

Always Pick and Choose

Being selective about which social media platforms you invest in will always help you make the best use of all of the resources that you have available. Each platform is designed to reach a specific demographic, and is also suited to specific types of content as well. This means that, for instance, what may normally work on Facebook may not actually work on Pinterest. Take the time to positively identify which social media platforms best fit your overall business objectives.

Figure Out How to Effectively Use Each Platform

Every social media platform has specific factors that you need to keep in mind. For instance, you can’t exactly share the same type of content in the same way across each network and expect to be successful in the long run. Whenever you post content, consider following the 80/20 rule, which states that 80% of your posts should always be on topics that are of interests, while 20% of your posts should solely be related to your business and listings. You can also embrace other types of media in addition to photos and videos. For example, you could choose to live-stream something such as an open house. Additionally, you should also never be afraid to respond to users who comment on your posts. Responsiveness will definitely go a long way!


When you fail to manage things carefully, social media is something that can end up either completely failing or taking up way too much of your time. The best way to help you manage your social media accounts is a simple management tool, of which there are many available. A lot of them can automatically post great content that is related to what you do so that you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.


This is something that should always go hand-in-hand with a factor such as marketing. Marketing, especially through social media, is all about long-term goals. When it comes to short-term goals, take the time to identify metrics that help to demonstrate the progress that you’re making until those statistics begin to transform into more leads and more sales for you and your business. There are all sorts of social media websites that are designed to provide analytics, which help to track growth. All in all, measuring helps to help boost your motivation and provide insight regarding what does and doesn’t work.

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