Facebook launched its Creator Studio app last year, allowing users to better manage their pages and content. Soon you will be able to see your Instagram insights in Creator Studio as well as Facebook rolls out their Instagram tab.

How Do You Use Creator Studio?

“Creator Studio” is located under “Publishing Tools” and then “Tools” in your Page on Facebook. All your posts, scheduled posts, and drafts from the past month are easily visible and accessible. You can also see any videos that you have crossposted to your Page and sort content with various filters for easy comparison. Creator Studio provides easy access to Insights that detail stats for videos and your followers’ activity and engagement.

Luckily for business owners and Instagram influencers alike, Creator Studio now has a separate dashboard for Instagram Insights. Instagram is an image-sharing app and social media service that Facebook acquired back in 2012, though the platforms have remained separate.

What Does This Mean for Marketers?

The main difficulty with Instagram in the past is that it’s a platform built and optimized for mobile. This makes Instagram particularly difficult when managing multiple accounts, like most marketers do. Instagram Insights also can’t be viewed from desktop, making it difficult to make content plans in a streamlined fashion. For marketers, managing multiple pages will be much easier within this app and eliminate the need to use your personal phone to check data and insights on individual company accounts. 

All of the information that will be in the Creator Studio Instagram tab is already existing in Instagram business profile insights, but that information will be more readily available. It will also be able to switch between your Facebook and Instagram information to learn more about your audience and engagement on both platforms within the same app. More importantly, this information will be available on desktop.

The Instagram tab is not yet available for everyone, but make sure you connect your Instagram account if you have the option. It is not known when Facebook will be rolling out the Instagram tab for all users.

Is Facebook Combining Its Acquired Apps?

While Facebook is keeping all of its platforms as separate entities (Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp), they may be trying to connect them more. According to the New York Times, Facebook is trying to create an ecosystem in which users from the different messaging apps they’ve acquired can still communicate with each other. 

The three messaging apps together have a combined 2.6 billion users, so a unified structure between them will massively connect Facebooks’ users. Some regions of the world use certain apps more than others, so this will connect these regions to the broader Facebook structure. For example, WhatsApp is widely used in Southeast Asia, but Messenger is much less popular there. 

Ultimately, this will create a more engaged audience with a broader reach. Connecting people who only use one platform or another can potentially increase Facebook’s advertising reach (and therefore marketers’ advertising reach).

Facebook plans to have this finished by the end of this year or early 2020. 

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