​Types of Link Building:

Links can have a significant impact on your business website’s search engine optimization (SEO). They improve the online visibility of your site and greatly influence its ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). To have a robust SEO plan for your website, you need to understand what links are, what the differences between an internal link and an external link are, and how to use them strategically to positively impact your SEO. 


A link (shortened from hyperlink) is a channel used to navigate between web pages on the internet. It directs users to a separate document or web page (or to a specific element within a separate document or web page) that is related to the information he or she is currently viewing online. A link can be presented as an icon, graphic, or text element that links to another source of related information when selected (e.g. by clicking, hovering, etc.).


Internal links point within your domain, directing a consumer to a specific page of your website. External links, however, direct a consumer to a reputable page on a completely different website. They encourage a consumer to remain engaged on your site for a longer period, persuading and motivating that individual to become a client, customer, or follower (i.e. lead conversion). Internal links are used to enhance the information a consumer has found on your site, often as a call-to-action (e.g. to “learn more”).

External links point from one domain to a separate domain independent from your website. They may link to another website to provide supplementary information or resources to consumers or to related products or services that you recommend. Basically, external links provide website connections to relevant, trustworthy content from other authoritative websites. External links are valuable when they refer users to other sites that are popular and highly ranked—this adds a layer of confidence by association. 


Using relevant internal and external links on your site will ultimately improve the search visibility and rank of your website. Internal links are beneficial elements of your marketing strategy because they help build a first-class, outstanding user experience for consumers as they navigate your website. They also help increase rankings for the different web pages that comprise your site, resulting in increased overall engagement and lower bounce rates. Further, internal links help drive more organic traffic to your site.  External links are beneficial because they help increase your reliability and overall authority in the marketplace, which results in higher SERP rankings. They help improve your website’s credibility and draw consumers to you as an expert in your field. Helps search engines like Google or Bing to understand what your article is about. Implementing links in your SEO strategic plan is vital to increasing your digital footprint and increasing awareness of your business online.

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