Using social media marketing to help celebrate the holidays doesn’t mean that you have to resort to covering your pages in strings of lights or tinsel. In fact, these types of typical decorations in marketing can feel less authentic and possibly alienate those who don’t celebrate a specific holiday for either religious or personal reasons.

Luckily, we have some useful ways that you can bring some winter holiday joy to your social media marketing campaign this year!

Focus on a Great Cause

This is perhaps one of the most important and effective ways that you can get your brand noticed during the holiday season. Rather than focusing on the brand itself, consider shining light on a charity that your brand can support and offering a way for your customers to show support for the same charity. For example, contribute a percentage of sales through the holidays to a charity you like!

Allow Customers to Share Holiday Photos

The holiday season brings up happy memories from childhood and every year after, and one of the seasons where we snap even more photos than normal! Consider encouraging your audience to share their favorite holiday memories by using a special hashtag that can be used on Instagram and setting up a prize (one of your products or a product discount) for a randomly selected winner!

Showcase Those Behind the Scenes

Customers are always interested in those who work behind the scenes to help make your brand as great and interesting as it is. Consider posting photos of some of your co-workers celebrating the holidays while on the job, such as decorated desks or hallways.

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