In terms of both helping to build your business and your overall brand, social media is one tool that’s absolutely essential for helping you achieve this. Here are three useful tips regarding how you can use social media to help build your business.

Use All Social Media Networks

Rather than focusing on using one specific social media network, consider instead using all of them to help build your business. This means you should focus on content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


This is something that’s absolutely key to virtually any type of social media campaign. Focus on coming up with a plan regarding what you want to post, as well as how often you intend on posting. Once you come up with an acceptable plan, be sure to stick with it. Some platforms do well with frequent posting than others. Multiple posts a day on Facebook, for example, could be construed as spammy and unwanted. Facebook also tends to penalize this kind of content, especially when it’s explicitly self-promoting. Daily posts on Instagram, however, could be positive.

Format Your Content

Always take the time to format the content that you post, regardless of which social media network you choose to utilize. Even though your posts will be delivering the same exact message, they should all be different to suit the platform that you’re using. For example, videos and graphics fare favorably on Facebook, but most people listen with sound off. Instagram is a primarily visual platform, so excess text or links won’t really help you. They also have a set 1080×1080 aspect (a square essentially), so if your photos, graphics, or videos are different than that it will look skewed and odd on this platform. These are all things to consider and plan out beforehand.

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