Website Updates, Upgrades & Maintenance

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Yes, We Happily Do Website Updates, Upgrades & Maintenance for Your Business

Did you end up with a web design company that promised the world in order to convince you to sign the contract? A few months later did they have a different attitude and were all of a sudden not so friendly? Now you’re stuck with empty promises and no traffic to your website right? Last but not least, I’m thinking they charge you a hefty hourly fee to make simple changes to your website. We have come to the rescue with our website updates, upgrades, & maintenance packages to fix the mess they have put you in. We carefully analyze your existing website, let you know what we find wrong, get the go ahead to make the updates, and finally, optimize your website. It will  absolutely not go live until you are 100% satisfied.

Years ago website companies just threw together pages, titles, and images and called it a website. That is not how things are done in the highly competitive business website world of today. Every single area of a website takes careful planning and analysis. Everything matters, even down to what you name your images. We don’t let a single thing get past us when it comes to optimization. Without proper set up and optimization, your website will never get noticed. Especially when it comes time for maintenance such as SEO, it becomes even more difficult to get your website ranked.

We understand that some website companies promised the world a few years ago, only to charge a ridiculous amount for updates today. Either that, or they have simply disappeared off the face of the earth. Websites require monthly maintenance and you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Get out of that horrible relationship today and let us show you what it is to find true happiness with our service.  Welcome to an honest web design company who will happily do website updates, upgrades, & maintenance for your business.