Website Upgrades- Do you have a business website? Is it helping direct clients or customers your way? If your current website is not bolstering your business, it might be because you need a website redesign. A professional digital marketing company can help upgrade your website to drive more traffic to your business, so your return on investment increases. Here are five reasons why you should consider a new website for your business.

1. Your website needs to attract and welcome your target audience, to produce leads for your business.

Increasing the number of visitors to your website will help boost your business, by converting prospective clients or customers into loyal ones. Your business website is the first place most people will go to learn about your business or organization. Your home page is the digital doorway to your business that opens to your online home; your website is for highlighting what you have to offer. Your website should support your business and improve your chance of closing deals. Your site is a key marketing tool for creating business leads and converting them. Make your website more welcoming to your target audience with an upgrade through a redesign.

2. Your website needs to put your business’s credibility on display.

If your current website is outdated or unprofessional in appearance, the credibility of your business will take a hit. Your website should present your business as an authority in your field to positively influence visitors to convert to clients or customers. Your site should be optimized to draw new patrons to your business, and emphasizing your credibility is essential. A professional redesign can help put your credibility on full display.

3. Your website needs to be optimized for search.

Can your audience find your business when searching online for the types of service or products you offer? If not, it is likely time for a website redesign. You can improve the online visibility of your business to channel more visitors to your website with search engine optimization (SEO). Successful SEO helps your business show up first on the search engine results page (SERP) when your target audience searches for your service or product via Google or other search engines (e.g., Bing, Yahoo, etc.). SEO helps your site rank in search results for important search terms called keywords. Your site must be optimized well for search—a professional digital marketing company specializing in SEO can focus on targetted keywords associated with your business.

4. Your website needs to provide benefits for current clients or customers.

Your website should generate new leads, but should not leave current clients or customers out in the cold. Your site should continue to provide value for loyal clients and customers; it should maintain your clientele and increase your retention rate. A website redesign can address issues with client or customer retention when done with current market trends in mind, and help sustain your business.

5. Your website needs to be user-friendly.

Your website should provide the most optimal user experience possible. Can visitors easily find what they are looking for when they access your website? Clarity is key to keeping visitors on your site long enough to persuade them to convert. If your website provides a good user experience through clean website design (i.e., a site that is organized and easily navigable), you’ll likely have better dwell time and time-on-page measurements, and decrease your bounce rate—all important factors when it comes to having a successful digital marketing campaign. Your site should also be responsive to the specific device being used to search for information and investigate your business; and since data shows that the use of mobile devices for search has risen significantly in recent times and continues to climb, focusing on mobile-friendly site design is more important than ever.

Is your business website effectively boosting your business? A professional digital marketing company can help you determine this through the use of web analytics tools. Measuring your website activity is crucial for understanding the role your site plays in growing your business. That’s why it is important to have an ongoing digital marketing plan in place that includes website monitoring and upgrades as needed. To be successful in business, you should have a professionally designed website that enhances your online visibility and drives traffic your way. If you want to improve the effectiveness of your business website consulting with a professional digital marketing company is the best way to start; experts can create a more effective website for your business, focusing on a design that will help you to proactively market the services or products you have to offer. They can update your website with consideration of the best/most appropriate types of content to include (e.g., blog, FAQ, calendar, case studies, project galleries, videos, etc.)—they’ll know what best fits into your tailored digital marketing strategy plan.

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