Effective digital marketing professionals know that links are a critical factor for boosting search engine rankings. Links are one of the top tools for increasing the reach of a business website. A key part of content creation is giving attention to the words you choose–words matter when creating a clear and effective user experience for consumers who visit your website. This also applies to the links you include: having appropriate anchor text is very important when it comes to building links that encourage site visitors to click.

So, what is anchor text, anyways?

Anchor text is the visible, clickable text of a link; it is sometimes also referred to as link titles,  link labels, or link text. This clickable text connects the site user to another related website/webpage location on the internet–it mostly links internet locations, but also can connect to documents (e.g., PDFs). Anchor text usually appears underlined and in a different color than the surrounding text. While links are sometimes directly embedded “as is” within text on a website (e.g., https://eyeseeyounow.com), they are more often inserted with anchor text to make the user’s reading experience more pleasant.

Why is anchor text important?

There are several reasons to make sure your anchor text is optimized for effectiveness. Anchor text is important to visitors to your business website. Effective anchor text suggests what site users should expect after clicking on the link; it clarifies the relationship between what is written on your website and the internet destination to which the link leads.

The anchor text of your links is also important for search engine optimization (SEO). It helps search engines make sense of your links by providing context for the search engine to use for its ranking algorithm. SEO-friendly anchor text should be accurate but as concise as possible, as well as relevant and clearly related to the website/webpage to which the link directs users. Anchor text must strike a balance when it comes to keyword density, too–it should not be keyword-heavy. Further, the words used for anchor text should not be overly generic; they should be natural, but as descriptive as possible using as few words as possible. Making sure that the anchor text for each of your links is spot on is key because it increases the chances that visitors to your business website will click on your links. When the user experience is engaging in this way, it helps funnel your visitors toward conversion to loyal clients or customers.

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